What level of Fire Training do your staff require? Discover our options below 

Basic fire safety awareness - Level 1 

This is a fire training package aimed at employees in low to medium risk buildings, such as office workers. 
It is a classroom based ‘Fire Safety and Evacuation training’ package that covers all areas of fire safety in the workplace, it is delivered onsite in order to personalise the package to suit your needs. This fire training package includes Fire Extinguisher training & demonstration. An accreditation and certificate is issued on completion of the fire training course. 
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Fire Warden/Marshal Training - Level 2 

Certain businesses would benefit from staff who take on specific roles in the event of a fire. We offer a Fire Protection Association approved package on how to train Wardens/Marshals on their actions and responsibilities. 
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Fire Warden Training / Fire Marshal Training 

Fire Wardens or Fire Marshals are members of staff who perform a certain action when a fire is detected. Many businesses accomplish this through the nomination of certain staff – the performance of these key individuals can make a huge difference to how your business is affected by fire. Fire Warden training covers the more comprehensive role a Fire Warden may carry out in relation to fire safety. 
Their role may include 
Helping others on the premises leave 
Checking the premises to ensure everyone has left 
Using firefighting equipment if safe to do so 
Liaising with the fire and rescue service on arrival 
Shutting down vital or dangerous equipment 
Performing a supervisory/managing role in a fire situation 
Maun Fire Safety Limited will provide a purpose built & comprehensive package supported by the Fire Protection Association which helps fire wardens develop an awareness of their role and responsibilities. 

Contact us for more information about the Fire Warden Training Course Priced from £245 per session 

Current legislation requires employers to ensure that sufficient numbers of staff are prepared to assist in evacuating a premises and take measures for using the firefighting equipment provided. 
* Discounts may apply to persons taking part in any on-site Maun Fire Safety training package on the same day. 
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